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Canine Chic Inc Dog Grooming

Canine Chic Inc Grooming Salon in Woodstock Ga.




  • Do I need an appointment?

We recommend that you schedule an appointment, however we do take a few walk-ins if we can. If you choose to bring your pet in on a walk-in basis we will do our best to squeeze them in but it will likely be a later pick-up time and we will call you as soon as we have them ready.

  • Why does it take so long?

When you have an appointment, we usually will have your pet ready in 3.5 hours. This allows us to work with you pet at thier pace. If your pet does not like to be dried we can let him air dry and avoid stress. If your pet is older and can not stand for longer periods of time it allows us to let them rest in-between grooming steps. We will do our best to get your pet out as soon as possible but it is important that we do not rush. Trying to rush can cause injury and un-needed stress for the groomer and your pet. You pet stays in a comfortable crate while they wait for you to come back.

  • How often should my dog be groomed?

This depends on how much work you want to do at home. We recommend full grooms atleast every 4 to 6 weeks. If you do not want to do any brushing or bathing at home you may want to bring them in sooner for a bath an brush-out to prevent matting.

  • What kind of dryers do you use?

We mostly use cool air hand dryers. If it a pet does not like the drying or seems to be stressed we may place them in an open air crate with a cool air fan and allow them to dry the rest of the way. We do not use any heated dryers.

  • What is matting?

A mat is basically a tangle of hair that has formed a knot tight enough to resist brushing and combing. . When the matting is very severe the only solution may be to shave them. In some cases the matts can be brushed out but it is a long stressful and sometimes painful experience for the dog. We do not recommend dematting for older pets and first time grooming puppies.

  • How do I keep my pet from getting matted?

Simple answer : frequent grooming! Whether at home or in a salon, the longer the hair the more maintenance required. When you bring your pet in for grooming we can help you determine how often to brush your pet and show you the correct proccess for doing so at home. We also have convenient maintenance programs to help you out!

  • What are anal glands?

Dog anal glands are two small glands located on either side of your dog's rectal opening. Each gland holds a small amount of a noxious smelling liquid brown substance that your pet uses as something of a doggie calling card. Dogs usually express them on thier own when they potty but if they do not they can become impacted and cause discomfort and sometimes infection.