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Canine Chic Inc Dog Grooming

Canine Chic Inc Grooming Salon in Woodstock Ga.


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BATHS - Our bath service offers a nice warm bath, with ear cleaning, expressing anal glands, hand blow dry, brush out and a nail trim.

GROOM - Our grooming service offers all of the bath services plus a haircut to breed standard or owners request.

NAIL TRIMS - We offer drop in nail trim only. We will do our best to get them as short as possible. Dremmel available for cooperative pets at an extra charge.

FLEA BATHS - We offer a flea shampoo that kills all fleas on the pet. There is not a shampoo that prevents fleas so you will still need to use a monthly preventative.

SHAMPOOS - We offer a variety of shampoos from aromatherapy to special medicated shampoos for various skin conditions.

             Gardenia Aromatherapy ? Natural extracts of gardenia, chamomile and lavender help to comfort and relieve anxiety.

             Chlorhexidine - Helps combat skin conditions associated with bacteria and other microorganisms.

             Miconazole - Helps treat and soothe fungal conditions such as yeast and ringworm.

             Pramoxine - Helps relieve itching caused by seborrheic dermatitis and prevents dryness.

             Oatmeal - A sensitive skin shampoo to relieve itching

TEETH - We offer two options for cleaning teeth, a thorough brushing with quality toothpaste. Or a PlaqClnz treatment that includes pre-treating with an all natural dental spray that helps to break up plaque. Then we use an irrigator to blast it away .A post-treatment gel is then applied to help prevent the build up of additional plaque.

PAWDICURE - A shea butter and Vitamin E crème will help to soothe and protect your pet?s pads from the harsh elements

BLUEBERRY FACIAL - A foaming facial cleanser with vanilla and blueberry helps to lighten tear stains with out harming eyes.

MUD TREATMENT - Exfoliates dead skin cells and soothes itchy irritated skin.

QUICK RELIEFE MASSAGE - A blend of menthol, peppermint, allspice and red poppy combined with a relaxing massage help to comfort and relieve pain and ease mobility in arthritic and elderly pets

COLOR AND EXTRAS - We offer color services in pink, red, purple, blue and green. Try ears and tail or the whole dog! We also offer nail painting and airbrush or glitter tattoos! All color products are non-toxic vegetable based and 100% safe for pets.